How to do the anti-corrosion work of the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan impeller?


Corrosion of anticorrosive centrifugal fan equipment is a problem for chemical companies. Due to the special media, equipment often receives corrosion from various chemical elements, and the main contact is hydrogen chloride gas. The corrosion of fan impeller is more serious. Because the impeller is exposed to more hydrogen chloride gas and more moisture, the impeller material is selected because of chromium nickel, but the degree of corrosion is more severe every time. So how to prevent corrosion of the impeller? Let's introduce it for everyone.

1. Polish and sandblast the corroded impeller first.

2. Brush 901 or 470 resin evenly on the impeller body, and bond the impeller surface and impeller blades with polyester cloth on the top.

3. Brush 901 or 470 resin evenly on the polyester cloth again, and bond with glass chopped mat. The bonding surface must be flat and even.

4. Spread 984 or 470 resin evenly on the bonded chopped strand mat, and align it with the talc powder groove, and bond it with glass cloth.

5. Then apply a layer of 984 or 470 resin to match the talc powder groove.

After performing the anti-corrosion treatment on the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan according to the above method, after 3-6 hours (according to the ambient temperature) the bonding anti-corrosion material is dry, reinstall the impeller rotor part, and at the same time reinstall the induced draft fan housing. After the end, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the centrifugal induced draft fan, and use it after correctness.

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