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How to avoid damage to the impeller of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan?


How to avoid damage to the impeller of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan?

1. Reduce the dust and etching gas entering the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan, so try to upgrade the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan operating system.

2. Do everything possible to make some damage uniform, so it is necessary to improve the wear resistance of the impeller.

If the wear resistance of the impeller of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan is improved, raw materials with high wear resistance and good wear resistance can be used. This will not only make the manufacturing process of the impeller difficult, but also from the perspective of social and economic development. reasonable.

3. The applied material of the fan impeller can be disassembled and replaced, which is convenient to extend the service life of the motor rotor.

In addition to fully considering the use performance and process performance of raw materials, we should also attach great importance to its analytical chemical properties. The anticorrosive centrifugal fan impeller is made of stainless steel plate as raw material. When the chromium content in the steel exceeds 12%, the corrosion resistance is extremely strong.

4. The raw materials of fiber materials, carbon nano materials and polymer compounds are used for modification and maintenance.

According to the particularity of polymers, the raw materials such as synthetic fibers, ceramics, silicon steel sheets, etc. are bonded together, which not only has relatively high tensile strength and compressive strength, but also has good corrosion resistance, so that it can also exhibit Far beyond the expected effect of fantasy.

The anti-corrosion centrifugal fan motor rotor after the transformation is expected to have an outstanding effect, which basically solves the problem of corrosion damage to the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan rotor. It ensures the normal operation of the motor, thereby obtaining high-quality economic benefits and economic benefits of social development.

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