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The structural characteristics and purchase skills of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fans


High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fans are generally used for forging furnaces and high pressure forced ventilation, and can be widely used for conveying materials, air and gases, without corrosion, spontaneous combustion and viscous substances.

Structural characteristics of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan:

1. There are 12 9-19 blades and 16 9-26 blades on the impeller. They are all forward curved blades. The larger annular velocity of the outer edge of the vane diffuser is 140 m/s. After the vane is formed, it is corrected by static and dynamic balance to make it run smoothly.

2. The shell is welded by ordinary steel plates to form an integral volute.

3. The air inlet is made into a concentrated streamlined overall structure, which is fixed with the front cover with combination screws.

4. The transmission device is composed of a main shaft, a bearing tube, and a bearing device. The shaft is made of high-quality steel. The integral bearing box structure is lubricated by rolling bearings and bearing grease.

Precautions for purchasing high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fans;

1. Briefly understand the strength and scale of the supplier: registered capital, business scope, and whether the company has obtained the necessary certificates.

2. The supplier’s corporate background, historical performance and growth: Whether the company’s behavior is legal and standardized.

3. Whether the product reliability, quality assurance, and after-sales service are perfect: whether the product has passed ce certification, RoSH certification, SGS certification, etc.

4. Whether the logistics is timely, the payment method, etc.

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