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Features of anticorrosive centrifugal fan


Anticorrosive centrifugal fan: It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and low noise. It is an ideal new type of anti-corrosion fan. This series of fans is suitable for the discharge of corrosive gases containing certain concentrations of acid, alkali, and salt in chemical, textile, electroplating, and laboratories. It can also be used for ventilation of general factory buildings. Fans without corrosion protection can remove corrosive gases such as halogen derivatives and ketones containing aromatic compounds, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Applicable medium temperature range: -10℃-40℃, dust content ≤100mg/m3.

Characteristics of anticorrosive centrifugal fan:

1. Compared with similar products, it has the characteristics of low speed, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The higher working efficiency is above 80%, which is wider than similar products.

3. Reasonable structure, advanced technology and convenient maintenance.

4. The anti-corrosion centrifugal fan has high pneumatic efficiency, low noise and strong anti-corrosion.

5. The fan is installed as a whole. The user can install the shock absorber and base at any time as needed.

6. The outlet angle of the fan is 0 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree. From the side of the pulley, the impeller is divided into the left side (counterclockwise) and the right side (clockwise). The fan drive modes are direct drive (Type A) and belt drive (Type C).

7. The anti-corrosion centrifugal fan is an ideal new type of anti-corrosion fan. At present, the advantage of our company and its counterparts is that the blades of this series of fans are made of injection molding process. After injection molding, the wind wheel is not only stronger, but also has higher anti-corrosion performance.

Anticorrosive centrifugal fan structure: PP4-72. Type A fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, motor and so on. The bracket is made of profiles. Impeller: Composed of blades and hub, both of which are made of polypropylene plastic. Shell: It consists of a shell and a bracket, both made of polypropylene plastic. Motor: horizontal motor for anti-corrosion centrifugal fan.

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