Brief introduction of anticorrosive centrifugal fan


What is an anticorrosive centrifugal fan? Hearing this name, if it is not in this industry, you may find it strange, because it is a work equipment in modern industry. But it can also be used for air circulation of home appliances to improve the working efficiency of home appliances. This article will discuss the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan in detail, hoping to help users get a better initial understanding.

The anticorrosive centrifugal fan is also a kind of fan, which is widely used in the ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, ships and other buildings. Of course, we can often see it in some household appliances. So what is his working principle? it's actually really easy. It mainly works according to the work function conversion principle, which converts kinetic energy into potential energy. It uses an impeller that can rotate at a relatively high speed to accelerate the gas, and then change the flow direction or decelerate to convert kinetic energy into potential energy. After that, the gas will enter the diffuser and be converted into pressure energy to provide higher pressure for production.

Its working principle is basically the same as that of a turbo compressor. If subdivided, it can be divided into two forms: right-handed and left-handed. As the name implies, when the impeller rotates clockwise from the side of the motor, we call the impeller of a right-hand rotating fan rotate counterclockwise, and we call it a rotating fan.

Precautions for the use of anti-corrosion centrifugal fans Many consumers do not know how to use anti-corrosion centrifugal fans after purchase, because they often fail to read the product manual carefully or follow the instructions of the sales staff to install and use them correctly. Therefore, they may encounter problems such as emergency shutdown, strong fan vibration, abnormal frictional sound of shaft position transplantation in the body, low oil level in the fuel tank, and oil pressure alarm value. The way to solve such problems is to gradually open the exhaust valve, close the intake throttle valve, and press the stop button to perform some emergency operations. Of course, analyze carefully during the installation process and make adjustments according to the buyer's own usage.

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