The main points of disassembly and assembly when cleaning explosion-proof centrifugal fan


We all know that explosion-proof centrifugal fans need to be cleaned after a long time of use, so during the cleaning process, there will be some difficult to clean places. In order to thoroughly clean the entire explosion-proof centrifugal fan, we need to disassemble the explosion-proof centrifugal fan. Due to the fine internal structure of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan and the complicated disassembly process, it deserves special attention. At the same time, after disassembling the fan, we will clean all parts of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan, and then we will reassemble the explosion-proof centrifugal fan. What are the main points worth paying attention to when reassembling?

Disassemble the fan: first disassemble the processing shell and the bearing box. If these two components are not removed first, the overall cleaning of the entire fan cannot be completed. Secondly, what we need to pay special attention to during the cleaning process is that the part that the motor is directly connected to the fan cannot be disassembled and cleaned, so as to avoid the mechanical failure of the motor burning.

Assemble the fan: first level it with a pair of inclined pads and place it on the foundation; secondly, check the adjustment mechanism of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan and check the flexibility of its rotation, whether it is cleaning or assembling.

This shows that we should start with those key points when disassembling and assembling explosion-proof centrifugal fans. Only by paying attention to these key points can the accuracy of the actual disassembly work be guaranteed, and the possibility of problems during assembly after cleaning can be reduced, so as to ensure that users can use the fan normally and ensure that the production work is not affected. If you have any questions about the disassembly and assembly of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan, please consult our technicians.

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