Why is the high fuel consumption of anticorrosive centrifugal fans?


The anticorrosive centrifugal fan is mainly composed of dust collector, impeller, shell and rotating parts. It is widely used in the fields of ventilation, dust removal and deodorization in factories and mines, electroplating, chemical industry, etching and other places. Usually many factors can cause the same problem. Therefore, when solving the problem of anti-corrosion centrifugal fans, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cause of the problem in order to better continue to use it. In many cases, we can check whether some values ​​on the device used are in a normal state. If the oil consumption of the anti-corrosion fan we usually use increases, then we need to check and solve the problem. Why does the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan consume high fuel?

1. If there is dust or lack of lubricating oil inside the fan, please clean or lubricate.

2. If the rotor of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan is tilted due to collision during transportation or loading and unloading, loosen the screws of the back cover, hit the end cover with a wooden hammer, and then gently pull the belt by hand until the fan has no clamping point, then tighten the back cover Screw. If the bearing of the fan or motor is damaged, replace the bearing.

3. Use materials of different sizes. The use of anti-corrosion wind with small air volume in places where large air volume is required will cause the fan to overload and the fan's oil consumption will be excessive. The suitable airflow fan should be selected in different places.

4. The deterioration of lubricating oil or the rust of anticorrosive centrifugal fan water will also cause excessive oil consumption of the fan. If the lubricating oil deteriorates, only the lubricating oil needs to be replaced, and the rusty fan needs to be disassembled and repaired.

5. The air filter is blocked, and the anticorrosive centrifugal fan is vacuumed, which increases the fuel consumption of the fan. Just use a sponge to clean the air filter.

6. The extension of the fan drive belt will cause the pulley to slip, and the drive belt needs to be replaced.

7. This may be caused by blockage of pipes or ventilators. Open the fan outlet, clean the stolen pipe, and then replace the aeration head.

The above is the reason for the high fuel consumption of anticorrosive centrifugal fans. In addition, the speed of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan is mainly changed by adjustable resistance. As long as a controllable rectifier is used at both ends of the motor, the speed of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan can be controlled.

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