High-pressure blower manufacturers introduce the working principle, performance characteristics and application scope of high-pressure blowers:


In order to meet the needs of more industries for high-pressure blowers, the fan industry has continued to innovate and produced a very diverse range of high-pressure blowers that can meet various working requirements and working environment requirements. So, how much do you know about high-pressure blowers? Today, high-pressure blower manufacturers mainly analyze the working principle, performance characteristics and application scope of high-pressure blowers:

1. The working principle of high pressure blower

When the high-pressure blower is turned on, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of its impeller will form a series of spiral motions. Because other rotating motions will inhale the air outside the machine, when the air enters the outer air ring, the pressure difference will cause the air to return to the bottom of the blade, forming a strong air flow. According to this trajectory, the purpose of supercharging can be achieved. When the gas moves to the exhaust port of the blower, the pressure is very high, so it can be discharged quickly.

2. Performance characteristics of high pressure blower

Two-stage high-pressure blowers can be divided into two-stage parallel and two-stage series, but their characteristics are similar. Including its high performance, the air intake and pressure difference are very considerable; although it has strong capacity, it has relatively low energy consumption, which meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection; it is also very convenient to install and use, and it can be used in both horizontal and vertical directions. It is widely used because of its many advantages.

3. Application range and environment of high pressure blower

1) Vacuum suction and vacuum adsorption applications: (injection molding machine) automatic feeder, automatic feeder, central feeder, vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner; injection molding machine, vacuum manipulator, vacuum crane, vacuum hoist, leather engraving machine, Pad printers and screen printers are ventilated and environmentally friendly;

2) Artificial oxygenation: oxygen supply at the construction site of mines and tunnels to eliminate dangerous gas environments, oxygen supply in confined spaces, oxygen supply in fish ponds, and oxygen supply in aquaculture ponds;

3) Air stirring: electroplating stirring, PCB chemical reaction tank stirring, other chemical reaction tank stirring, water treatment aeration, bathroom, swimming pool, hot spring equipment, artificial wave engineering, soil purification treatment.

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