Working procedures and points for attention of explosion-proof centrifugal fan test


The explosion-proof centrifugal fan test is mainly based on the speed to achieve separation, so the explosion-proof centrifugal fan test should hold the test mentality of "seeking results in stability", don't worry, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

The future development trend of explosion-proof centrifugal fans will be to strengthen the separation performance, develop large-scale explosion-proof centrifugal fans, improve the slag discharge mechanism, increase special and combined explosion-proof centrifugal fans, strengthen separation theoretical research, and study better control technology for the separation process of explosion-proof centrifugal fans Wait. Add new power to the separation process of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan; accelerate the slag pushing speed; increase the length of the drum to extend the settling and separation time of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan.

The development of large explosion-proof centrifugal fans is mainly to increase the diameter of the drum, and use double-sided drums to increase the processing capacity, thereby reducing the equipment investment, energy consumption and maintenance costs of processing unit volume of materials. In terms of theoretical research, the fluid flow in the drum and the formation mechanism of the filter residue are mainly studied, and the calculation method of the smaller separation degree and processing capacity is studied.

Explosion-proof centrifugal fans usually work at high speed, so we should strengthen the management in the experiment to ensure that the high-speed explosion-proof centrifugal fans operate normally and healthy. On the one hand, it can ensure the orderly operation of our laboratory, on the other hand, it can also ensure the safety of high-speed explosion-proof centrifugal fans during operation. Under normal circumstances, the inspection can be carried out in accordance with the following procedures:

1. The appearance of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is intact and no parts are lost.

2. The power supply is well connected and the control switch is in good condition

3. After the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is started, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan should work normally. Whether the setting function of various parameters is normal, such as setting temperature, time, explosion-proof centrifugal fan speed, rotor status, etc.

4. Explosion-proof centrifugal fan efficiency inspection: Take the explosion-proof centrifugal fan tube with 5mL sample, and check the different explosion-proof centrifugal fans at 5000 rpm, 10000 rpm, 15000 rpm and 20000 rpm, respectively, for 5 minutes The state of solid-liquid separation at speed. As the speed of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan increases, the separation effect should be better and better.

5. Time verification: According to the comparison between the accurate timetable and the set time of the instrument, the error should not exceed 0.1 minutes

6. Temperature calibration: set three different temperature values, respectively 5℃, 10℃, 15℃. After the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is at the same speed of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan for about 10 minutes, take out the explosion-proof centrifugal fan tube and measure the temperature of the solution in the explosion-proof centrifugal fan tube with a thermometer. The comparison error with the set value should not exceed 1°C.

7. Pay attention to the inspection settings of each item and make relevant records carefully.

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