The speed of explosion-proof centrifugal fan is determined by many factors


The use of explosion-proof centrifugal fans should not mean blindly pursuing speed and not giving priority to safety factors. Secondly, the inertia force and rotor of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan must be considered. After that, for other separated substances, the corresponding explosion-proof centrifugal fan should be selected.

The explosion-proof centrifugal fan has a protection program. If it is not covered, it will give an alarm. If it is not covered, the contents will fly out and hit people, causing serious accidents. The rotor will fly out, so the existing explosion-proof centrifugal fans basically have automatic protection functions when they stop working.

The price of explosion-proof centrifugal fans is mainly reflected in the difference in performance of the main engine. Explosion-proof centrifugal fans with refrigeration are much more expensive than ordinary ones. Some explosion-proof centrifugal fans also have heating functions. The more control programs, the higher the price of explosion-proof centrifugal fans. The difference lies in the configuration, and sometimes the price of accessories is higher than that of the host. Pay attention when buying. In addition to the main engine, the selected rotor, plus the necessary centrifuge tubes, tube sleeves, special centrifuge bottles or blood bags, these add up to the price of a complete explosion-proof centrifugal fan.

In the non-inertial system of circular motion, the inertial force of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is always outward, and there is no corresponding inward force. In order to keep the object relatively stationary in a non-inertial system, other forces are needed to counteract this inertial force, such as the pulling force of the rope, the supporting force of the outer wall, and the gravitational force of the massive object. In fact, in all non-inertial systems, an inertial force can be produced according to the principle of equivalence, and its direction is opposite to the acceleration of the non-inertial system (relative to the acceleration of the inertial system), and its magnitude is the acceleration multiplied by the mass of the object . This kind of processing is to facilitate the handling of the force balance in the non-inertial system, rather than who is actually applying such force.

Because the speed of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is amazing, it is not an ordinary ball bearing that fixes the rotor, but a magnetic bearing. Magnetic bearings use a magnetic field to keep the rotor at the center of the stator coil. There is no physical contact between the rotor and the stator, which eliminates friction, thereby ensuring the stability of the ultra-high-speed operation of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan.

In addition to resonance, the vibration of explosion-proof centrifugal fans during acceleration and deceleration is also related to the change of the center of gravity during acceleration and deceleration, which may be related to resonance. When the vibration frequency is close to the natural frequency of the material, resonance occurs. According to vibration theory, solid objects actually have countless natural frequencies. When the external excitation frequency is consistent with the natural frequency of the object, resonance will occur. At this time, the amplitude of the vibration is particularly large and is usually harmful. As for the problem of balance, it is a problem of dynamic balance, because the center of mass of the object does not coincide with the center of rotation, resulting in eccentricity and also inducing vibration, which belongs to the category of vibration theory. Personally think that the above phenomenon is caused by resonance. Of course there may be no trimming.

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