How to avoid corrosion of explosion-proof centrifugal fan


Everyone rightExplosion-proof centrifugal fanHow much do you master? Explosion-proof centrifugal fans belong to a category of centrifugal fans, which can be used as indoor air ventilation for general engineering projects, warehouses for inflammable and explosive materials, tunnel construction, cave dwellings, and large and medium-sized buildings. A vapor that is harmless to the body and does not corrode steel. As we all know, explosion-proof centrifugal fans have a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Even so, we still have to do a good job in anti-corrosion work.

1. Surface safety protection: A theoretical basis for handling the corrosion of explosion-proof centrifugal fans is to block the corrosive natural environment. In the design scheme, metal surface treatment methods are often used, such as flanges, hot-dip galvanizing, plating, and organic chemical coating. This method is reasonable in many natural environments, but for rotating parts, be sure to pay attention A key situation: PCB raw materials and coatings are two kinds of raw materials, and their thermal expansion coefficients are different, which will cause different deformations during the ductility deformation of the rotating parts, which will lead to many micro-cracks; if the above-mentioned situation The existence of, will accelerate the production of corrosion. Therefore, the surface safety protection method for the rotating parts of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan must be strictly developed.

2. Overall design: The shortcomings of the design scheme that are very easy to accelerate corrosion are the stress tendency and the natural environment of the gap. Sometimes although the metal material of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan invades the aqueous solution, the corrosion rate is small; but the gap is generated because of the organic chemistry of the internal aqueous solution And the situation of photoelectric catalysis has changed, which will cause serious crevice corrosion of explosion-proof centrifugal fan.

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