How to properly install anticorrosive centrifugal fans to improve efficiency


How to properly install anti-corrosion centrifugal fans to improve efficiency? Let's take a look at it in detail below.

promoteAnticorrosive centrifugal fanThe element of greater work efficiency is whether it can be installed properly so that everything works normally. Many customers are not very clear about how to install after purchasing machinery and equipment. The following is a centrifugal fan manufacturer who has been in the manufacturing industry for a long time. Let's interpret it on the spot.

1. Check the size of the roadbed and the management center specifications of each embedded crack. The appearance specification error of the roadbed should be within ±20mm, and the specification error of the management center of each embedded crack should be within ±10mm. The basic line drawing is based on the reference point of the main industrial plant project or the horizontal and vertical axis of the heating furnace. The measured basic horizontal and vertical axis error should be ±10mm, the axis spacing error should be ±3mm, and the basic design elevation should be in the middle of ±5mm. .

2. Flatten the roadbed, place anchor screws and layout pads. The pad group is usually 2 flat and 1 oblique 3 pads, and the thicker side should be laid down. The oblique pads should be used in pairs. And lift the frame about 20mm. After alignment, it should be welded firmly and not loosened. The cushion should be placed on the main supporting table of the machine and equipment, the vertical ribs of the machine frame or on both sides of the anchor screws, and should be as close as possible to the anchor screw holes under the condition of not jeopardizing the secondary grouting.

3. Coarse positioning of the lower part of the shell: pay attention to the manufacturer's installation logo, generally "A" and "B" for each unit, pay attention to the relationship between the difference and the import and export trade ventilation ducts, the rotation direction of the centrifugal impeller, etc. before they are in place.

4. After inserting the bell mouth of the collector into the centrifugal impeller and fixing it with fine iron wire, hoist all the rotating groups into the reserved position. Install the anchor screw, the bending degree of the anchor screw should be ≤L /100 (L is the length of the anchor screw), and the bottom of the anchor screw should not touch the bottom and edge of the hole. The anchor bolts should be well-proportioned, and the anchor bolts should expose 2 to 3 buckles. Then loosen the fine iron wire and fix the bottom of the collector and the bottom half of the shell with anchor bolts to basically adjust the gap between the centrifugal impeller and the bell mouth.

5. Leveling and aligning the ground of the centrifugal fan rotating group: the flatness between the centrifugal fan main shaft bearing and the seated bearing is selected to provide the method of correction: stick the magnetic field seat on the main shaft bearing, and tilt the dial indicator head to the outside of the rolling bearing or The spring-position end surface of the seated bearing (the surface of the upper bearing end cover production and processing). At this time, when the spindle bearing is rotated for about seven days, the reading of the needle does not exceed 0 or 15mm, and the reading value is the vertical condition of the seated bearing and the spindle bearing.

6. Motor ground leveling and alignment: adjust the parallelism of the centrifugal fan and the motor main shaft bearing (the ground leveling and alignment of the coupling). Use several dial indicators to align them, two in the radial direction and one in the axial direction. Each axis rotates 90 degrees, records statistical data, accurately measures the readings of its front, rear, left, and right, and adjusts the parallelism to make the deviation ≤ 0, 05mm. And there must be a 10mm gap between the two backrest wheels. After the correction, some statistical data such as the aspect ratio of the re-examination axis management center will be recorded.

7. After the centrifugal fan is aligned, the buckle cover on the top of the casing, the current collector and the casing should be installed in place, and asbestos rope should be placed between the two casings. Tighten the connecting anchor bolts. The four-corner anchor bolts should be well-proportioned. Taking the centrifugal impeller as the standard, adjust the gap between the centrifugal impeller and the bell mouth stage again.

8. Install the air inlet box, channel adjustment baffle door and the rest of the centrifugal fan, adjust the baffle to rotate flexibly, otherwise you need to add grease to rotate until it rotates flexibly before installation. When installing, the blade should be fixed firmly, and there should be sufficient swelling gap with the casing. The adjustment of the actual operating equipment should be flexible and appropriate, the posture should be the same, and the opening degree markings should be consistent with the specifics. Pay attention to the opening position, and not reversing. The steam inlet direction is the same as the rotation direction of the centrifugal impeller.

9. The layout of the cooling circulating water and grease pipelines should conform to the requirements of the engineering drawings, the layout should be appropriate, beautiful and generous, and there should be no dirt in the pipelines.

The above content isAnticorrosive centrifugal fanAppropriate installation, grasping this professional knowledge makes the application of the machine and equipment easier.

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