​Four sealing methods for anticorrosive centrifugal fans


  Anticorrosive centrifugal fanThe advantages and disadvantages of the sealing characteristics of the equipment determine the hidden dangers of the application safety of the equipment. It is usually used to transport harmful, hazardous, flammable, flammable and explosive vapors. This vapor has strong corrosiveness. If the sealing is not good, it will cause serious air pollution and cause harm to life safety. Therefore, this article I will give everyone a detailed introduction to the sealing method.

1. Labyrinth sealing

Labyrinth sealing is also called Labiere sealing and comb-tooth sealing. It is widely used in centrifugal fan products. Most of the inter-stage sealing on centrifugal fan products uses labyrinth sealing, which is used to transport gas at the bearing end. The sealing performance of the cover, the labyrinth sealing performance is also selected even when the working pressure is too low.

2. Floating ring sealing

Floating ring sealing is the use of the working pressure floating oil generated between the spindle bearing and the wave ring, and the balance between the combined working pressure of the floating oil and the external load (the working pressure of the steam parameter) is used to seal the radial leakage of the material in the work. Because the sealing performance of the floating ring has the advantage of the fully automatic alignment management center, the sealing gap can be smaller, the leakage rate decreases, and the working pressure of the sealing body can be adjusted with the working pressure of the sealing material, and fluctuates The liquid friction between the ring and the shaft is maintained, thereby preventing damage to the mechanical equipment. This kind of sealing is used when the working pressure is high or the corrosive vapor is transported to ensure that the transport vapor does not leak to the outside.

3. Machine seal

The internal hole sealing of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan mechanical equipment is the tightness of the radial rotation by the elastic element to the static and moving ring inner hole friction pair and the clamping of the material working pressure and the elastic element working pressure to exceed the tightness. equipment. Mechanical seals usually use sealing liquids (turbine oil) whose working pressure is higher than the sealing material 2.5~3.5 to seal the sealing material. In the whole process of rotation, the friction surface creates floating oil, and the working pressure of the floating oil is from the outside to the inside, from large to small, and finally exceeds the balance with the sealed substance. Because the working pressure of the sealing liquid exceeds the sealing material from beginning to end, the sealing material is not easy to leak under normal circumstances, and the sealing liquid leaks in a small amount, and the leaked sealing liquid will be comprehensively used according to the return inlet. Because of the structural change, the remaining oil in the machine seal is greatly reduced compared to the amount of cooking oil used for the floating ring seal, but all are attributed to the floating oil seal.

4. Gas tightness

The gas tightness is the gas film tightness, which is the best sealing method of the turbo refrigeration compressor and the best sealing effect. This is to use N2 or other harmless vapor as a sealing substance. The cleanliness of the airtight gas is relatively high, and there is a set of very complicated air system software.

The above several sealing methods are commonAnticorrosive centrifugal fanSealing skills, when carrying out sealing work, it is usually based on the equipment condition and environment to make decisions. Only by selecting the appropriate sealing method can a good sealing result be achieved. I look forward to the content introduced in the article in detail. more help.

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