Maintenance of anticorrosive centrifugal fan and the cause of failure


Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in fan manufacturing. It mainly produces anti-corrosion centrifugal fans, explosion-proof centrifugal fans and other products. The following editor brings youAnticorrosive centrifugal fanI hope you can help you with the maintenance and the reasons for the failure.

Anticorrosive centrifugal fanMaintenance:

1.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanAnd its system is not allowed to run with illness;

2.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanShould be kept and used by a dedicated person;

3. Regularly remove the dust, dirt and other magazines accumulated inside the fan, and prevent the anticorrosive centrifugal fan from rusting;

4.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanThe maintenance must be carried out when the power is cut off. After the power is cut off, the main switch should be carried out under the supervision of a special person;

5.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanIt is forbidden for children, irrelevant persons and persons with inconvenience to be on-site for supervision during maintenance and test runs;

6.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanDuring the test run, no one is allowed to stand within ten meters of the direction of the inlet and outlet of the wind turbine;

7.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanTools and other supplies should be counted before and after maintenance to prevent them from being left in the fan and pipeline;

8. Except that the lubricant should be replaced after each maintenance, the lubricant should be replaced according to the actual situation under normal circumstances.

Troubles and causes of anticorrosive centrifugal fans

1.Anticorrosive centrifugal fanSevere vibration


(1) The fan shaft is not concentric with the fan shaft, and the pulley groove is misaligned;

(2) The casing and the impeller or the air inlet and the impeller friction;

(3) The rigidity of the foundation is insufficient or weak;

(4) The impeller rivet is loose or the impeller is deformed;

(5) The peripheral disc hole of the impeller and the shaft fit loosely;

(6) The connecting bolts of the casing, bearing seat and bracket, bearing seat and bearing cover are loose;

(7) Poor installation of the inlet and outlet pipes of the fan, causing resonance;

(8) The rotor is unbalanced due to the accumulation of dust, dirt, blade wear, impeller deformation, and shaft bending.

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